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Gladiolus is a delightful and majestic flower, the favorite decorations in the flowerbeds and gardens in the world. In Ancient Rome this flower was growing in gardens of the noble patricians. Today we see this flower is best-loved in private gardens.

Gladiolus is a perennial plant with bright different color flowers. Usually this flower thrown along the border because it is very tall between two to six feet. Gladioli is good for cut for gift.

The flower needs for preparing for its planting. Before 3 or 4 weeks you have to peeling off the solid corms. Be careful with the spouts, cut the sick parts and disinfect the corms. Then leave it into the warm and light place, spread in the layer. Your efforts will helps sprouts for growing well.

When you will look in for the place for gladioli in your garden remember that this plant needs for more light and wind-protected spot, especially in north regions. Even small shadow can delay flowering. Also water should not run down in this place.

It is better for growing the plant on the spot after vegetables, beans and perennial herbs. But avoid growing gladioli after asters or root crops.

Then treat the ground. You may take for it superphosphate. You have to plant between April to May. Put big corms to a depth of 10-15 cm and little corms on the 8-10 cm deep. Keep of free space about 20-25 cm between lines.

For kind of care of this plant you have to know some rules. When the sprouts has grown on 10 cm high put the humus on about 5 cm. For best watering the plant needs for moisten the ground one time a week richly. Do this while the sun is not high. Avoid drops in the foliage. Pour water between lines and then hill up the ground. In the hot whether plant needs for watering every 3 or 4 days.

You must to dig up the bulbs in the right time. Do it in the first autumn days when gladioli stopped flowering. If you will see some spots on the bulbs, dig up them earlier to avoid diseases.

Best to digging up the flower in the dry weather. Also it is necessary cut off the roots. Carefully dust the corms and flush with water. Then make the disinfection and flush again. Put it for drying about for 3 days.

Then you may to prepare the box cover with paper for storing your bulbs. Sort the corms in the period of month when the temperature will 18-22 degrees.

You have to split offshoots and sort them. You must choose big and medium ones. Best for storing the splits in the fridge because the warm are dangerous for it.

First period about 35-40 days of storing your bulbs will have the rest time as normally. After than them may start to germinate. It is not the best. Avoid this one needs to remember the right temperature for storing from five to ten degrees and 60-7 percent humidity.

For good storing put a cloves of garlic in the place with bulbs and once a 30 days replace it. Ideal conditions for winter storing of corms are cold and ventilat place.

So it is all that you should to know about good care for Gladiolus. Make all these steps right and every summer you will have beautiful bright flowers.

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